Faith: I’m a Christian Hedonist. Reformed Charismatic. Evangelical.
Family: I’m a wife and mother.
Politics: Conservative, though on social issues I advocate more like a libertarian. Which is not to say that I personally approve of gay marriage or abortion, for example.  I specifically oppose those things.  But I would omit God from arguments for the law to restrict such activities. If my religion can legally hold sway now, that opens the door for some other religion to do it later.  Instead, I think Christians should rely on evangelism and moral suasion to achieve social goals.

God is not a Republican or a Democrat – He’s a monarchist. So although I am politically conservative because I believe that conservative ideals are most likely to provide an environment where I am free to practice my faith, create wealth with which to help the poor, enjoy freedom and spread it around so that fewer people are oppressed… I’m also aware that this world is not my home.  While God has certainly appointed our leadership, God himself is the one to whom I am ultimately answerable.  It is Satan who is my enemy, not people with opposing political views, even though they may advocate for great evils like abortion or enslavement.  I enjoy politics and believe that God placed me in a federal republic with representative government where participation in the political process is part of what I am called to give to Caesar.  But in the end, it’s just a hobby, and this blog is hardly a complete picture of who I am – especially since I seldom write about personal issues.

Why so much political blogging on a blog named “Pursuing Holiness?”

When I started this blog, it was more or less exclusively religion and bible studies. I realized I have not been called to teach or preach, so I stopped posting that sort of thing and this site became essentially an online journal focused on how I (as a Christian) am navigating a secular world.   I’m extremely interested in politics and news, so that gets a lot of focus.  I’m personally pursuing holiness, and that colors my reaction to news and politics.  I’m not less interested in matters of faith than I was when I started this blog, I just write about it less because I don’t want to gain a following (as I had started to back in 2004-2005) of people who look to me for spiritual guidance.  That frankly scared me, because I know how far I fall short.  In all honesty, I’d change the name if I could think of one that was a better fit for how this blog has changed over the last few years.

Key posts:

  • Christianity and Politics – should Christians participate in politics?
  • Social Justice, For The Glory of Government – makes the argument that big government social programs are explicitly anti-Christian, unlike what Mike Huckabee and some social cons would argue.
  • Going John Galt – a followup to Enough, already. I’m going on strike. I refuse to pay for what Obama and the Democrat Party are doing.  While my personal efforts to starve government of funds are inconsequential, every little bit helps… and what the Democrats are doing to tax high productivity out of existence will do even more.
  • The Tiny Percentage of Radical Islamists – a category of posts which does the math the media won’t.  They conduct and report surveys that “only” X percentage of Muslims approve of/support terror, without giving the context that X percentage means that hundreds of thousands of Muslims.
  • Once Again – Obama is not the Antichrist. But if you really believed he was (instead of just engaging in extreme political trash talk) then your whole life would be completely changed because that would mean that the literal end of the world is upon us.  So if your life has not been radically changed by this “knowledge,” you ought to shut up because you’re making yourself look like a fool.
  • Porn: Harmful to Men, and Battering Women By Proxynot harmless sexual recreation.
  • Refusing To Go To The Secondary Crime Scene – we have the obligation to oppose Islamic law.

Twitter: Laura_PH I don’t tweet much; I assume you’re not interested in whether I just threw in a load of laundry.  But I will toss out the occasional snarky comment and links that interest me.