All Paths Lead To One God

homepage crossEver asked for directions and been told, “You can’t get there from here?”

That’s certainly true for religion. True Christianity is exclusive. People who claim all faiths lead to God are lying or uninformed about what the bible says.

There are some things that are negotiable, up for debate, or as I think of them, not ‘dealbreakers’ – but the divinity of Jesus, his death as the once-and-final payment for sin, by grace, accepted through faith… It is impossible to simultaneously believe in the tenets of Christianity and in Islam, in spite of the fact that the Koran has a few kind words for Jesus, Mary, and some prophets. RWN interviews Robert Spencer, author of “The Complete Infidel’s Guide to the Koran”:

Okay, so would you say that Islamic beliefs and Christianity are just not incompatible. You can’t believe the same things about say Jesus, Moses, that kind of thing and be a Christian and a Muslim, right?
Well it’s kind of an odd thing because actually there have been headlines over the last year about an Episcopalian priest who converted to Islam and claims that she was able simultaneously to remain an Episcopalian priest. But, by any sense of logic or the laws of non-contradiction, that’s really not possible. The Koran says that anybody who believes that Jesus is the Son of God is under the curse of God and is an unbeliever. The Koran says that. The Bible on the other hand, the New Testament, says that if you don’t have the Son, you don’t have the Father. These things obviously are not compatible in any rationale sense.

It’s a good interview, read the rest here.


  1. And then there is the illogical argument that God and Allah are the same god. Which, of course, can only be true if God is schizophrenic or has dissociative identity disorder, which we know is not true.

    There is only one God and one way to get to heaven and neither has anything to do with Islam.
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  2. Yeah and the Bible was also male dominated – thank God we have evolved over the years. Even Jesus wouldn’t want us as brainwashed as some of those things.

  3. Sorry, April, I have no idea to what you’re referring. As brainwashed as some of what things? And you’re basing your idea of what Jesus would want on, what, the bible you’ve evolved past?

  4. All beliefs are just that, a belief, some thing that you as a person has come to believe. There is nothing in this world that is absolute. Not even religion, as they are all merely the belief of the lowest voice, weather from the past or the present. But all religions have one thing in common, they attempt to answer the questions for which we cannot. In doing so they bring us peace of mind for the unknown. It is sad however that we judge a person solely on their religous preference, as if you do, you are merely ignorant. To say every islamic is a terrorist, is to say every US person from the south is a racist. Now the shoe may fit some, but not everyone has the same size foot. The truth to all religous beliefs is an internal belief. In my life time, I have been privledged to meet people of all beliefs. I have come to realize that the people that are most comfortable with their beliefs, happy with their beliefs, and find comfort in their beliefs, do not press their beliefs on someone else. When asked, they will happily discuss their views because they know that regardless what the audience thinks they will remain true to what they find comfort in. It is the people that are unsure, scared or searching for something that press their belief on others. As for the topic of “all paths lead to god” well why not. If you claim to be a christan, the main point of christianity is forgiveness, if god ask you to forgive others, then by not doing so should mean that you yourself will never reach heven. Why not stop worrying about wath other believe and focus on your innerself and beliefs. Ask yourself what could make you a better person, and I promise you will become stronger with your belief. All religions have a name for their one top god (Alla, lord, God, He, Yawe, Zeus, Ra, etc.) Even humans have several names. I am know as Sir, Daddy, Doc, Doctor, Son, grandpa, etc. I answer to all of them, so why not god. I ask everyone, before you judge someone for what they believe, get to know the person, and find out why they believe the way they do. Doing so will do many things, one it may open your eyes to another way of thinking, second it may give you a firmer belief in your own beliefs, and third you might make a new friend.

  5. Mark, the very act of believing something means that you have weighed the choices available to you and made a decision as to which one is superior. That is as true for ice cream selection as it is for religion, and obviously beliefs may change with the circumstances. But the post-modern concept your comment asserts, that there is no absolute truth, is nonsense. You’ve also created some straw men – who’s judging anyone solely on their religious preference? Who has said that EVERY Muslim (not “islamic”) is a terrorist? I’m unclear as to what your point is in writing that, unless you’re trying to indirectly accuse me of those things.

    You assert that those who proselytize are “unsure, scared or searching for something.” Have you ever recommended a book or restaurant to someone? Same thing. When you have information that you think will benefit others, you share it. The act of believing includes the idea that the belief is superior; naturally one who thinks they are correct will try to enlighten others. That is the point of proselytism.

    You are also wrong as to the “point” of Christianity. It is not forgiveness; that is a man-centered view as is your “self-help” philosophy. Biblical Christianity is not man-centered at all, although it’s certainly understandable you might think so, given some of the most well-known preachers today (Rick Warren, etc.).

    You have rejected Christianity – as is your right. But your comment clearly reveals you do not at all understand what you have rejected. Both Christianity and Islam are exclusive, incompatible faiths. The God of each has entirely different characteristics and demands; it is a logical fallacy to conflate them just because each is worshipped as the only true God by a group of people. I heartily recommend more research on your part.

  6. Mark – I respect your beliefs, do not totally agree but I enjoyed reading your note.

    Laura – Your writing seems very hateful and mean spirited. You assert, You are also wrong, You have rejected…

  7. Sam, and yet you don’t refute my arguments! How very odd, if they’re so obviously wrong! Could you be specific about my “hateful” and “mean spirited” comments? Please, quote them and specify why you have characterized them with those words. Or is it the very act of disagreement that so unsettles you?

  8. Hi Laura – Thanks for the note.

    I do not “refute your arguments.” Is that what you want to do, argue? I look at them as your beliefs/viewpoint. There is no right or wrong with your viewpoints, they are your viewpoints.

    “and yet you don’t refute my arguments! How very odd, if they’re so obviously wrong”- Where is that coming from? You’re kinda excitable :-).

    “You assert”, “you are also wrong”, and “you have rejected” are the first few words from last three paragraphs in your previous note…

    Thanks for the specific instructions on how to respond. Control much?

  9. I control very little, actually. Myself, mostly, and that – just barely. Listen, my main gripe in the post (and many other posts on this blog) was just what you’re doing here, suggesting that there is no right or wrong with my viewpoints. That is a HUGE problem today, where people have no idea what they believe, on what their beliefs (nebulous as they are) are based, and aren’t especially committed even to what they profess. If I’m wrong, somebody should tell me so and straighten me out – they’d be doing me a huge favor. I want my beliefs tested, and so should everybody else. As in science when a hypothesis is tested – I want to know if my beliefs stand the test – of logic, of fact, of archeology, of historical fact, and of experience. Because if life is eternal, as Christianity and many other faiths assert, we have a short time to figure it out, and a long time to bear the consequences.

  10. I agree with Laura. She was not being “hateful” or “mean spirited” she was merely stating the core beliefs of Christianity, because Christianity calls you to be oppressive yet gentle. (and that is gentle my friends) Absolute truth is real, if not then all the terrorists that bombed America deserve to go to heaven too. The saying “All paths to God” is false and by believing that nonsense brings no judgment unto man but simply gives people the belief that they can do whatever the hell they want and get paradise. Every rapist, every crackhead, every drugdealer, murderer, will become ONE after death. do they deserve paradise for all they’ve done? Christianity is not about forgiveness, it’s about how Jesus came to save the world. Simple if you know how to do it. The main point is to pick a side. Don’t fall under the trap that everything can be right in this world. Jesus is the way the truth and the life

  11. Personally, I feel Christians (I used to think I was one) are WAY too judgmental. Christians say they “know” they will go to heaven and no one who doesn’t accept Jesus as their savior will be there. This strikes me as not only arrogant, but also a bit delusional. How do they “know” they’re “right”? It would have to either be because someone who claimed to “know” told them this (a well-meaning parent, a preacher or priest, a trusted friend, etc.) or because someone (see the previous list of possibilities) told them the bible is God’s word and they believe what it says, therefore, they “know”.

    I BELIEVE in God. I BELIEVE there is something greater than us. I BELIEVE there will be people of all faiths in heaven….

    …and, I believe I will KNOW the answers that God wants me to know after I die.

    Some of the worst atrocities in history have been committed in the name of God….. the Salem Witch Trials, The Crusades, The Spanish Inquisition….. to name a few.
    These occurred because Christians “knew” they were “right” and everyone else was “wrong”. If God can condemn a man who has led a devout life in another religion to hell just because he’s not “Christian”; and allow a murdering rapist who has “accepted Jesus” to enter heaven, ……. well, that’s not the kind of God who is worthy of my worship.

  12. Mark Phil, you BELIEVE that there will be people of all faiths in heaven. On what is that belief based? BTW, since we are ALL sinners – no one is righteous – the difference between the two men in your last paragraph is one of them submitted to the authority of a holy and sovereign God, and the other did not.

    * Corrected name after posting.