Coming soon: Global cooling will kill us all!!!1! (Again.)

UPDATE: Speaking of the wheels coming off the global warming bus, Ed Morrissey has a great interview with Senator Inhofe. Inhofe is releasing a report in which he blasts the IPCC over Climategate, and calls for an investigation. Just as the Obama administration seems ready to double down on their health care takeover with reconciliation, they also apparently intend to proceed full speed ahead with EPA regulation of the plant food that we exhale. Amazing.

It’s a wonderful example of 1950s global warming propaganda, by Frank Capra.

I’m thoroughly enjoying watching the wheels come off the global warming bus. Six Meat Buffet asks the critical question: If The Tree of Global Warming Fell In The Living Rooms of The American Press And No One Reported It Would It Make A Sound?

As Ric Locke via Insty points out, “everybody who’s actually been to a Tea Party rally, then watched Teh Newz afterwards, knows from personal experience that the alphabet media are a pack of liars.”  The last 15 years of hyping – instead of investigating and fairly reporting – global warming stories illustrate it as well.  At some point we have to get beyond the benefit of the doubt.  Was the press essentially tricked by scientists who were in turn led astray by the quest for grants and a handful of scam artists?  What did the press know and when did they know it?

I can accept the “conspiracy of shared values” theory – that the press eagerly believed global warming theory because it helped achieve leftist goals with which they agreed.  But at some point, it does go beyond that and even simple incompetence.  And this is that point, as Six Meat points out.  They are willfully not reporting on what Michelle Malkin describes “the global warming scandal of the century” summed up by Viscount Monckton.  The Associate Press has a story, and they’re sticking to it.   So is the Washington Post.

I created the Global Warming/Global Cooling category back in 2007 when I learned that the scaremongering media hype on climate change had been going on for more than a century, switching from cooling to warming every few decades.  I’m old enough to remember the 1970s global cooling scare.  I remember being told to enjoy my summers because it would be cold year-round when I grew up, and hearing conversations between adults on whether they ought to have a backyard greenhouse because it would eventually be too cold to grow produce any other way.  As the Frank Capra video shows, the 70s cooling hype was preceded by the 50s warming hype.  This eye-opening article tracks the hype since 1895.  And since warming is obviously not happening, before too much longer we’ll start hearing more about manmade climate change cooling.  The snow line is indisputably moving south, and my prediction is that the media will surely pick up the pace on the global cooling stories which started nearly three years ago.  Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.