Embryonic Stem Cell Research

homepagebaby1The stem cell farce continues… instead of pursuing the morally unambiguous and to date, successful adult stem cell research, now our tax dollars will pay to destroy embryos.  If you only paid attention to the media, you’d think such research was completely prevented for the last eight years. The truth, of course, is that public funding of such research was banned, but private companies were perfectly entitled to engage in it at their own expense. The fact that they did not rush to do so is an indicator of how doubtful it is that successful treatment may be derived from such research. They’ve pursued adult stem cell research though, a good business decision that has resulted in dozens of successful treatments. In any event, Michael J. Fox is crowing. Slublog’s take, emphasis added – Ghoul: Others Must Die, So I May Be Healed.

Nothing prevented private research, so no one was stopping Fox from funding the research himself. I guess progress can only be made if I’m paying for it, though.

Likewise, liberals demand the government pick up the tab on taking care of the poor, but don’t – as a group – give much themselves. Joe Biden is the poster child for that phenomenon.

Finally, Scrappleface, for the win –

As he signs an executive order Monday lifting limits on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research, President Barack Obama said he intends to make the wealthiest Americans “bear their fair share of the burden.”

Following through on his inaugural promise “to restore science to its rightful place, and wield technology’s wonders to raise health care’s quality and lower its cost“, the president will order the National Institutes of Health to extract stem cells from embryos whose parents earn more than $250,000 per year, and to inject them into “the sick and crippled middle class.”


  1. I have to do more research on this tonight when I have more time, but I’ve heard that the new Executive Order not only undoes the ban on Federal funding of embryonic stem cell research, but also that it explicitly revokes another Executive order which called for federal money to go into stem cell research that did not involve killing viable embryos.

    Strangely, given the Left’s insistence that Bush was stopping this important research, I don’t think I’ve read a single article about embryonic stem cells being successfully used for any medical treatments (even in foreign countries, where Bush’s policies would have had no impact on which types of stem cell research were funded). The much-proclaimed research that was done in Korea a few years back was using stem cells from placental blood, if I recall correctly, and most other successful research has, to my knowledge, used adult stem cells.

  2. Bone-marrow transplants are a very, very old example of adult stem cells in action.

    If I remember correctly, before they knew about stem cells…..

    Foxfier´s last blog post..Forgotten Realms? Forget About It-

  3. Heh, I hadn’t thought of bone marrow transplants that way – I’ve pretty much taken them for granted as “old” technology.


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