Hmmm…another legal attempt to take down Obamacare.

Another attempt to take down Obamacare, since Republicans in Congress lack the spine to defund it. And here’s what the attempt is based on – a 5th Amendment violation. In short,

“The government isn’t allowed to order one private party, a business owner, to pay money to another private party, an insurance company.”

Well, when the moonbats resume their attacks on John Roberts – and you know they will – I suspect he’ll find a new way to defend it even it that means barricading himself in chambers and rewriting the law. Again. But you never know. Justice Anthony Kennedy may slap him around and knock some sense into him this time.  Read the whole thing, and consider adding this lawsuit to your prayers.

Keep in mind that they front-loaded all the benefits of Obamacare, and put the really nasty stuff safely several elections away. This upcoming midterm election is the Democrat’s last free pass before the low information voters really begin to comprehend just what was done to them. When the rest of the health care “reform” law kicks in next year, it’s going to get ugly. Premiums are already rising, care is already being denied, and there is every reason to believe it’s going to be much worse when the rest of the law is implemented. As much as the Democrat/Media Complex tries to play the “Who you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes?” card, voters are going to observe their paycheck deductions and the difficulty they have getting an appointment for their “free” doctor’s visit and comprehend that they’ve been had. So for the handful of people who are still subscribed to this blog and haven’t bothered to remove the feed from your RSS or email, please pray, already.

Incidentally, I haven’t been blogging these last few months because I just didn’t have much to say – certainly nothing that other people weren’t out there expressing better, because their hearts were in it. But there have been some big changes for me lately, including a renewed interest in politics thanks to a project I’m working on, and I’m likely to be blogging again soon. Consider yourselves warned. :-)


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