If you have to ask, there's a problem.

obama_sushi_003Are these people actually praying to President Obama? I think they’re saying, “Deliver us, O God,” not “Deliver us, Obama.” But it’s a close call, and my opinion is doubtful. I wish I still had access to the software I used when I was producing talk radio to play around with the audio and form a more solid opinion about it. The very fact that such an idea is not insane, ludicrous, too ridiculous to even mention is kind of telling, isn’t it?  But in the end, it doesn’t matter.

As more videos of schoolchildren praising Obama surface – the likes of which the left Would Not Tolerate of a Bush administration – and the pounding the worshipful media is giving the Tea Partiers (while giving violent lefties and anarchists a pass) it makes the idea of the left actually praying to Obama much more credible. As it turns out, there was a group of children who sang a song praising FEMA and (perhaps) the Bush administration at the 2006 White House Easter event.  I have not been able to find video or track down the “Katrina Kids” or “Katrina’s Kids” even though I do have pretty decent Google-fu.  The archived White House website shows Laura Bush with the kids in Katrina tee shirts, but doesn’t say much.  Yet the left has had a hissy fit about it.  Rather than saying, “You know what, you’ve got a point, because we were really ticked off about this too,” their defense seems to be, “Oh yeah, well, you did it first!!”  I never got far with that defense as a child, but I guess it’s the best they can do.  Hypocritical and sad.  But it still doesn’t matter.

As a Christian, I’m still not having a hissy fit about this, nor have I changed my mind about Obama being the Anti-Christ.  The fact is, lost people (and frequently even Christians) commit idolatry and blasphemy all the time.  If, IF, these idiots are praying to Obama, they are still no worse than the “faithful attender” who sings praises loudly, prays eloquently for the lost, and throws $5 in the collection basket because his McMansion and Lexus payments are more important to him than God’s kingdom.  The world is fallen.  Most people worship something other than God.   That’s just how it is.  It’s silly to be shocked by it.

ADDED: The Anchoress writes:

But upon repeated listenings, I think it is wrong to jump the gun on this and make the accusation of idolatry. If we insist on hearing what may not be there, then we need to ask if our own ideology, which may tempt us to believe the worst simply because that’s what ideology does, is in charge of us. And if our ideology is in charge, name the Idolater.