It’s a war by women, not a war on women.

For all the caterwauling about the alleged “war on women” it’s men who have been taking a beating for most of my lifetime.  I’ve thought this for a long time but never expressed it so succinctly:

Let me tell you what war is, okay?

War is where the enemy decimates your numbers – like, say in China where abortion is killing mostly females.

War is where you are kept from learning – like in most Arab countries, where women have restrictions placed on their education.

War is where your houses are burned, your children taken away into slavery, your goods looted, and you are dragged away in chains.

In the United States, right now, women have preferential treatment – by law – in any company that gets federal funds (which heaven help us, right now, is most of them.)  Women live longer than men.  Cancers that affect females get more money and more attention than those that affect only men.  Women have the right to be sole deciders on abortion, and if they decide to keep the child and make the man pay, he pays.  (This by the way is a complete reversal of the “penalty” of sex which used to fall mostly on women.)  And if he doesn’t pay, he goes to jail.  Divorce courts award custody to mothers overwhelmingly.  Oh, and in college campuses, women outnumber men.

If this is war it is war on men.  And I’ve had just about enough of everyone who claims otherwise.

Go read it all.  Certainly women have been discriminated against in our country’s history.  It saddens me that so few girls today understand the suffrage movement.   I believe those suffragettes would be disgusted by what the women’s movement – excuse me, “womyn’s” – movement has become.  Those women wanted equality, not protection.  The recent demands for subsidized sexual activity seem more like parody than reality to me, and I wonder what the next crazy, hysterical demand will be.  It’s an embarrassment that these women insist they have the “right” to be taken care of rather than the right to take care of themselves, free from interference by the men in their lives or by government.  They’re not demanding any kind of freedom, they’re demanding an extended childhood where somebody else foots the bills and sweats the details.  And they’re not even bright enough to realize they’re demanding the shackles of childhood instead of the freedom of personal responsibility and adulthood.  It’s shameful and sad.


  1. We can’t be told about the suffrage movement, except in very broad strokes– they saw that abortion just made it easy for men to use women and toss them aside.

    The Susan B. Anthony List tries to correct that, IIRC.
    Foxfier recently posted..Behold! Ithaca!

  2. Frustrating!