Lundi Gras

Lundi Gras

New Orleans is getting geared up for the Big Party, which means a quiet day for me to catch up on things.  Our construction project continues apace. We have the permit, and because my husband is serving as a homeowner-contractor, we’ve hired some subcontractors who have already started work, and we’re still interviewing others. The place is a mess. I’ve got a bathtub and sheet rock in my living room. But at the end of this, it will be worth it, because my mother will be able to move in so I can conveniently take care of her, now that she’s disabled, yet still have some space and privacy.

What energy? I’m exhausted.
Friends and family are being affected by the permitorium. For example, my son in law, back from Iraq in December, still can’t find a job. Nothing like having thousands of people thrown into the unemployment lines due to the Gulf shutdown just when you’re looking for work!  But we’re hardly the only ones affected. Remember how cheerfully Obama noted, back in 2008, that under his cap and trade plan energy prices would “necessarily skyrocket?” Well, half a loaf is better than none, I guess. He didn’t get cap and trade but he got his skyrocketing energy prices. If they continue to go up, his “green” alternatives will begin to look feasible.  On the flip side, how do you think the 2012 election will go if gas is $4 or $5 a gallon? Think a lot of people will join me in voting Not-Obama? Or at least, vote to limit his power by turning the Senate red and the House redder? I think they will. Here’s one reason why:

Rep. Devin Nunes (R–CA) released new legislation that provides an efficient path forward to increase energy supply, create jobs, and grow America’s economy while preventing the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from stifling economic growth with senseless regulations.Nunes’s legislation would open access to domestic oil and gas exploration both onshore and offshore, streamline the process to permit new nuclear power plants, and attempt to remove the special-interest politicking behind renewable energy subsidies. The bill would also prohibit the EPA from regulating greenhouse gas emissions under the Clean Air Act (CAA).

Can we trust the GOP, fresh off their “$100 billion in cuts” propaganda effort, to do the right thing – on energy or on anything else? No indeed, but we can trust them to do what it takes to stay in power. As Jeff puts it, “Time to face it, folks: many in the GOP hate what you stand for just as much as the left does. They’d prefer to keep big government, so long as they occasionally get their turn at controlling the trough.” This is our own fault, remember. Decades of voter apathy created this situation, and we ultimately do get the government we deserve. It’s going to take years and a lot of hard work to peel these leeches off of us, and constant vigilance to ensure that we don’t just get a fresh set of leeches.

Rep. Peter King will hold hearings next week on radical Islam in America, and the left predictably fears “backlash” against Muslims due to “Islamophobia.” I’ll be a bit more concerned about their concerns when “backlashing” is not what happens to you when you are rape victim in a Muslim country. But if you’re looking for “backlash” Jeff G. provides some in response to the claims of “anti-Muslim bigotry.”

In case you missed it, Beinart has now declared it “anti-Muslim bigotry” to take notice of what groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and others have explicitly told us they are doing; it is “anti-Muslim bigotry” to notice that the most visible of today’s pro-Muslim advocacy groups are front groups for those who support terrorism — and tell us so. It is “anti-Muslim bigotry” to recognize that a strain of Islam — the Islamist strain, which commingles religion and politics and declares the two inextricably linked — is being actively insinuated into communities here in the US, with the attendant problems that such an insinuation is designed to cause.

Rep. King commented,

“I am starting off with a number of hypotheses and theses that I believe in,” King said. Asked what he hoped to learn from the hearings and why they were not to be seen as the government going after Muslims in the United States, King answered, “Let people watch the hearing and decide then.”

Obamacare: Duh, winning!
If Obamacare is so chock full of win, why has the government issued over 1000 waivers so people can get out of it? And quite a few of those are to unions and other Obamacare supporters. Inequality – what you get with a law that repeatedly states, “The Secretary shall determine…” The left screeched like goths in the sun at every perceived encroachment by George Bush – yet is totally blind to the lawlessness of the Obama regime.