Naked Hypocrisy

obamamineThere’s very little for me to be happy about on the political front these days, but there is at least one thing I’m delighted to see:  the naked hypocrisy of the left, and the media desperately covering it up for them.

Chris Dodd can run, but he can’t hide. Daschle is condemned by his own words.  The Obama Administration is shaping up to be even more corrupt than the Clintons.  Obama dozed (in his greenhouse-warm Oval Office) while people froze.  No one on the left seems to be wondering where FEMA is, or concerned with the massive carbon footprint Obama’s refusal to put on a jacket at work is racking up.  Obama is going to continue the hated renditions (pioneered by the Clinton administration, not President Bush) and Human Rights Watch performs a snappy about face.  California, laboratory for every leftist policy that Obama intends to establish nation-wide, is collapsing.

And from the left, the sound of crickets chirping.

Oh, well.  Who is John Galt?


  1. I am glad to know I am not the only one who disapproves of Obama going to work in his shirt sleeves! He is the first president I’ve ever seen photographed in the Oval office without a suit coat on! To me, it’s disgraceful to the office of the President. He acts like it’s his house he’s sitting in – just come on down in your ever day clothes, doesn’t matter! Next, he’ll be coming down in his house shoes!

    I’m afraid we are in for a long, hard four years and more of the Clinton years, only worse, to come! There has been absolutely no change for the better, only worse, with all the people he’s put in his cabinet that are criminals. You and I would be put in jail for no paying our taxes. But the democrats think they ‘just made a mistake’.

  2. Worse yet, is everyone at NBC fawning over Michelle Obama’s sleeveless dresses!!! Gag!

  3. Sue, you might be interested in this. :-)


  1. [...] Like The Anchoress, my gripe is less with President Obama (what’s he supposed to do, air drop a bunch of those fake fireplaces with Amish-made cabinets with battery packs to run them?) than it is with the disgustingly hypocritical media.  But Obama did peg out the hypocrisy meter as well, given his unwarranted slam against President Bush over Katrina the minute he took office.I have a lefty acquaintance who made a huge point of hating President Bush for his supposed non-response for Katrina.  Bush was wrong, Wrong, WRONG!  He should have done THIS, and THAT, and THE OTHER THING!  I politely sat through his self-congratulatory lecture about why he was so offended about, well, everything Bush did or thought of doing.  He claims to have a “sense of justice more highly developed than most people.”  O RLY??  Then why the crickets chirping now, bucko?  That’s precisely what’s chapping me now – he and all his fellow-travelers who claim to have an enhanced sense of justice and Morals 2.0 – plus a singular lack of self-awareness of what hypocrites they are. [...]