Obama EPA Stifles Dissent

homepageglobalwarmingI don’t believe that AGW (man-caused climate change) is a problem at all. The climate has always changed. In spite of all the global warming hype, our climate is not the hottest it’s ever been, we’ve actually been on a cooling trend for quite a while, and there’s plenty of reason to conclude that if it were getting as warm as the Manbearpig acolytes fret, it would be a good thing in many ways. But I digress. No comment from Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins on the chill wind blowing out of Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency, which required two of its attorneys to take down and change a video they made debunking the Waxman-Markey cap and tax legislation. From the NYT article

The agency, citing federal policies, told the two lawyers … that they could mention their E.P.A. affiliation only once; must remove language specifying Mr. Zabel’s expertise and their years of employment with the agency; and must remove an image of the agency’s office in San Francisco.

Of course those things are factual and undisputed, and as long as use of the image itself didn’t violate copyright laws (i.e. if they took the photo themselves or had the right to use it) I can’t imagine how the EPA thinks it has the right to override these people’s freedom of speech.  Odd how NASA doesn’t have similar restrictions on James Hansen, the federal employee who spends a great deal of time using his NASA credentials to proselytize for the global warming religion.