Professor: Neanderthals "Had Sex" With Modern Man

Professor: Neanderthals "Had Sex" With Modern Man


According to Professor Svante Paabo, director of genetics at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Neanderthals and modern humans had sex across the species barrier. The professor has been using DNA retrieved from fossils to piece together the entire Neanderthal genome, and plans on publishing his findings soon.

Gee, I’m sure I heard of this sometime before

Modern science: titillating headline, controversial topic, and a hearty “up yours” to creationists. Whatever.

I still don’t care about the creation/evolution debate.  I just thought this was funny because someone was writing fiction about this idea twenty or so years ago.


  1. *laughs*
    You know, I’ve heard folks suggest this as a way to sync up evolution with creation– basically, when God made Man, it involved giving a soul to an existing creature (creature: created one; still made by God, he just did it His Way) that was physically man-like, and the “image” of God is the rational soul; this suggestion also gets around the whole incest thing. (via “we’re descended from the pairing of people and not-people,” sure, but it does get around it…. ;^p)

    Shoot, I know my mom mentioned at one point that Adam and Eve probably didn’t look much like us. I can’t remember what led up to the conversation, it was probably something like one of us asking why all the pictures of Adam and Eve looked different.
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  2. I hadn’t heard that explanation before; that’s pretty good.

    Someday I may run out of other questions and finally take an interest in this one… but it’s not looking good. :-)

  3. Much more interesting to worry about stuff that actually matters, no?