Pure Genius

homepagesinkIn years past, I would have spent Mardi Gras blind drunk.  Reading the news today, I sort of miss that tradition.

Your tax dollars at work… removing tattoos, funding racism via La Raza, and building a shrine to Ted Kennedy which Mary Jo Kopechne can’t visit.  Oh, and giving nearly a billion dollars to the people who danced, handed out candy, and celebrated 9/11. Evidently China can’t afford to kill their own babies, so we’re going to help them out.

Your Congress at work… trying to override the wisdom of the Founding Fathers.

Why I’m a big meanie… Quote of the day, on foreclosure assistance for people who bought more house than they can afford:  “We’ll help you out with your bad financial investment when you agree to help the rest of us make up for our stock portfolio losses.”  Preach it, sista!  My grandmother’s retirement fund took a BEATING, and so has my mother’s.  I don’t see the government offering to restore those losses.  Here’s a foreclosure assistance plan:  Accept that you made a mistake, learn from it, rent an apartment, live prudently and restore your credit rating, save your money and buy a house you can afford.  But then I guess I’m just a big meanie… with an 1100 square foot house in a modest neighborhood and an affordable mortgage, who doesn’t care to bail out knuckleheads like Donna Hanks and Minta Garcia.  How is “cashing out” money from your home that you have no reasonable expectation of repaying, then not paying your mortgage(s) and demanding that you be allowed to keep the house anyway, not stealing?  But what do I know?  I’m a 92 Percenter.

With allies like this… who needs enemies?  The Pakistani government is paying reparations for killing Taliban.

The thrill is gone… Chris Matthews has ventured a negative comment about The One.

Obamessiah Watch… I read somewhere recently that, regarding President Obama’s “messiah” status, at least Jesus knew how to build a cabinet.  President Obama, not so much.