Since when does no one really talk about the cost of drugs?

homepagedoctorThis is just silly. In fact, it warrants a fish-slap. Where has this woman BEEN for the last ten years? I’m sick to death of hearing about the high cost of drugs, to wit, American consumers are ripped off by eeevil Big Pharma. Or at least, that’s the narrative being rammed down our throats so we can be more like those nice, mellow, Canadians.

Added: Yes, okay, I’m an idiot. When I thought about it and re-read her letter a bit more slowly, she wasn’t stating that no one is talking about the high cost of drugs; she means no one is talking about the relative efficacy of generics vs. brand name. Which is still stupid, because people DO talk about that, both on a personal level and as part of the debate about how to reduce the cost of health care in general. There was quite the little discussion about that in Congress just a year and a half ago. So it’s a fair cop to say my reading comprehension could use work, but the larger point certainly stands: this woman is clueless.

h/t Dr. Happy