The Associated Press Still Reads Michelle Malkin's Blog

The Associated Press Still Reads Michelle Malkin's Blog

The Associated Press article on Sarah Palin’s email hack pretty much restates this Michelle Malkin post.  It’s not the first time they’ve lifted content from her blog.  They imply that the info detailing the hack was all over the Net, but that’s not really so – 4chan deleted the posts, as the email MM received explained, and her blog was the first with the story, thanks to her tipster. The AP then smeared Palin, asserting without evidence that Palin used private email to conduct state business. While that’s certainly a popular accusation on the left, it has not been admitted or proved by anyone.  The screenshots of the email hack certainly don’t support the accusation. Instead, the screenshots support the concept that Palin diligently kept her political conversations in her personal account, like the email to her Lt. Gov. about his campaign. But has the AP ever let the facts get in the way of the narrative?

The break-in of Palin’s private account is especially significant because Palin sometimes uses non-government e-mail to conduct state business. Previously disclosed e-mails indicate her administration embraced Yahoo accounts as an alternative to government e-mail, which could possibly be released to the public under Alaska’s Open Records Act.

At the time, critics of Palin’s administration were poring over official e-mails they had obtained from the governor’s office looking for evidence of improper political activity.

Flashback: the AP employs Bilal Hussein, a photographer with an uncanny knack for being at the right place at the right time to photograph terrorists, and a man about whom the military stated it “possesses convincing and irrefutable evidence that Bilal Hussein is a threat to security and stability as a link to insurgent activity.”

Added: Michelle Malkin is still a step ahead of the Associated Press – the hacker seems to be David Kernell, the son of Memphis Democrat Mike Kernell. Ace and Gateway Pundit have more.  Here’s Hot Air’s post on it.

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