The Right To Remain Silent

Congressman Etheridge has the right to remain silent. It’s a pity — for him — that he didn’t use it.  The Anchoress notes that if the congressman is feeling ambushed, perhaps he could consider how the American public feels. After all, we were sold a bill of goods about bipartisanship and government reform. Instead, we’ve had exemption after exemption for lobbyists, a Justice Department that considers the Black Panthers more equal than others, a Mineral Management Service which sends out trainees to conduct deep water oil rig inspections, and the deeply unpopular health-care “reform” bill rammed down our throats. On the bright side, in 2012 Obama will be ready for the pro PGA Tour.

Click through to The Anchoress in order to see Congressman Etheridge in action. I would post it here, but honestly, I’m so sick of it all. I’ll leave you, instead, with the theme song for the oil spill: