We Don't Live In A Democracy

For some wacky reason, at every liberal blog I visit and some conservative ones, there is always at least one comment that “we used to live in a democracy!” or “Chimpy is destroying our democracy,” or “We can shut the war down because this is a democracy and that’s what the people want to do,” “this is a democracy and that’s why we’ll never let them get our guns,” and so on.

Wrong. Where did these people go to school? The United States of America is not now and never has been a democracy. We are a constitution-based federal republic. No need to take my word, or the CIA World Factbook’s word. Even the Wikipedia agrees, along with every encyclopedia I’ve ever seen. Go to the library and look it up.

Why is that better than a democracy? Well, Thomas Jefferson (who actually said that dissent is “a great evil“, not “the highest form of patriotism”) said this about democracy:

“A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine.”

I’ll take the constition-based federal republic, thanks.

[Update: Perri Nelson has a good article on this, including how the Wiki has been manipulated on this topic. I link to Wiki occasionally because it’s convenient and sometimes accurate, but it’s worth noting that just because it was accurate once, doesn’t mean it will stay that way. The comments are excellent too, with some references to other good articles.

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  1. good point Laura!..ty for the links as always! :)

  2. Perri Nelson says:

    I’ve been arguing the same point for a while. It’s a shame that our public schools don’t teach the truth in history or civics classes.


    It’s a shame that the 17th amendment began a solid slide toward mob rule for us too.


  3. Unfortunately, direct election of Senators, an unfortunate wording (and even more unfortunate reading) of the Fourteenth Amendment and many other factors have seriously weakened the concept of a republican federation of States (which to the Founders and Framers meant what we mean today by nations or countries, hence the State Department to deal with foreign, i.e., non-federated/federal, States) as bequeathed us by the Framers. I’ll not specifically detail where and when most honest historians (which on this particular topic strangely includes more so-called “liberal” historians than so-called “conservative” historians) the linchpin of the destruction of the Founders Constitution was placed *cough-Appomattox*, but suffice it to say that the bread and circuses of mob rule “democracy” that the Founders greatly feared are well-entrenched thanks to the robber-barons in Congress taking from the productive to bribe the unproductive for their votes (the bread) and the lies, damned lies and “evening news” brought to us by the Mass Media Podpeople’s Hivemind (the circus).

    No, Virginia, not only is there no Santa CLaus, but there is almost nothing left of the federal republic the Founders bled and died to birth, either. What we have left of it is as to the original as the photo of a painting of the shadow of a statue of a man is to the man it represents…


    One of my favorite blogs is “Where have you gone, Ronald Reagan?” I think a more pressing question might be, “Sam Adams, where are you when we need you?”

  4. A republic, if we can keep it, right? And we evidently can’t. (sigh) I added the Reagan blog to my RSS feed, and thanks! Although it hasn’t been posted to lately, that Sanger post was well done and I’d like to see more from the writer.

    I’m kind of hoping that Fred Thompson will carry the Reagan torch for the next generation. It would be very refreshing to have a couple of terms with a real conservative who can actually communicate effectively.