When did we NOT talk about race?

When did we NOT talk about race?

If Obama wins this election, if these polls hold true, I think the national conversation about race – game on.

What a strange thing for Brian Williams to say.  We’ve been talking about race for decades.  Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton’s entire careers have been based on it.  It was the purpose of the whole “black power” movement in the 70s.  The biggest (and the best) TV show in the 80s, The Cosby Show, kept race part of the national conversation, following up on the 70s shows like The Jeffersons, Sanford and Son, Good Times, and All in the Family.  Bill Clinton’s two terms were steeped in it, from his signing welfare reform to his ridiculous title of “the first black president.”  Trent Lott’s career was definitively ended because of it, instead of the porker ways that should have been what disqualified him from leadership.

If anything, Obama’s Presidency is an occasion to finally STOP talking about race.


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