Would he piss on an image of Obama?

Blasphemy! All the cool kids jackasses are doing it!  The Anchoress makes a good point:

Forget Jewish, forget Muslim. If, let’s say, Kelsey Grammer had done precisely the same thing on his show, but using an image of, oh, let’s just say ferinstance, Barack Obama, do you think he’d still have a career?

Aside from the hypocrisy – that Christianity is basically the only faith that Hollywood mocks so offensively (remember when Isaac Hayes cheerfully blasted Christianity on South Park but was scandalized and quit when they took on Scientology?) – it’s not funny, not creative, not even original.  Hey, I’m grateful to live in a country where he’s free to do it.  Glad, even, because he succeeded far better at revealing an unflattering side of himself than in attacking my faith.


  1. Forget Muslim? You kidding? If no balls Kelsey Grammer did that to some symbol of the Muslim Religion, HE WOULD BE DEAD, Period.